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Pyrex® sheet is low-expansion borosilicate glass manufactured by Corning. MD Glass can cut and size Pyrex® sheet to customers' specifications. We can also temper Pyrex® to increase its mechanical strength and heat resistance. BorofloatTM is also a highly chemically resistant borosilicate glass with a low thermal expansion, but because it is manufactured by the float method, it possesses the additional characteristic of unsurpassed smoothness.

     Low thermal expansion; doesn't crack when heated and cooled rapidly
     Normal use temperature of 230°C (446°F), with maximum use
      at 490°C (914°F)
     When tempered, can be used at up to 370°C (700°F)
     Shatters instead of breaking into shards
     High resistance to weathering and acids

     Oil-fired stoves (where ventilation is required)
     Instrumentation panels
     Light lenses and covers (e.g., scientific, decorative)
     Laboratory glass

Stock size: 84 cm x 114 cm (33" x 45") - other sizes on request.

Thickness: 3 mm stock; other sizes (e.g., 5, 6, 8 mm) on customer order

Chemical Data:
     Hydrolytic resistance according to ISO 719-HGB: 1
     Hydrolytic resistance according to ISO 720-HGA: 1
     Acid resistance according to ISO 1776: 1
     Alkali resistance according to ISO 695-A: 2

     Knoop hardness HK 0.1/20 (according to E DIN/ISO 9385): 480