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Glass is beautiful but fragile.

Tempering makes it tough yet elegant. It opens up a world of possibilities for innovative and stunning new products.

At MD Glass, we welcome custom applications. We're small enough to listen yet big enough to deliver, no matter what the request. And if there is anything we can't do in-house, we'll get the job done working with our network of trusted glass specialists.

Our custom services include:
     cutting to various shapes and sizes
     edge finishing
     tempered glass in sizes as small as 63 mm (2-1/2") in diameter

We supply large manufacturers, specialty workshops, architects and designers with custom-designed and custom-made glass products for a variety of applications including:
     furniture (tables, shelves, desks, patio)
     lighting (lenses, covers, fixtures)
     construction (French doors, windows, shower doors)
     heating/cooking (furnaces, ovens, fireplaces, combustion stoves)
     art and décor