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Tempered glass is produced by heating ordinary ("annealed") glass to near its softening point and then rapidly cooling it. As the outside surface of the glass cools first, tension is created between the inner thickness and the outer surface. This compresses the surface and the edge of the glass. The result is a hardened surface and a stronger glass.

     Approximately 4-5 times stronger than ordinary glass
     Can withstand high heat up to 260ºC (500ºF)
     In the event of breakage, the glass will shatter into small cube-shaped
     More economical than Pyrex®

     Light lenses (e.g., halogen, custom-made light fixtures)
     Fireplace doors, doors, windows, tabletops, shelving, desktops,
      shower doors, accordion doors, French doors
     Barbeque ovens
     Bus shelters
     Greenhouse glass

Smallest size: 63 mm (2-1/2") in diameter
Largest area: 91 mm x 183 mm (36" x 72")
Thickness: 3.3 mm to 19 mm

     CAN/CGSB - 12.1 - M90
     ANSI Z97.1 - 1984
     Certified by the California Department of Transport