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If diamonds are forever, glass is eternal and for everything. Glass is one of the most versatile materials in the world, used in construction, electronics, optics, packaging, lighting, transportation, not to mention cooking and décor.

Glass is bold, beautiful, elegant, clean and clear. Tempered or "toughened" glass adds more to the versatility of this multi-use material by making it 4-5 times stronger than normal glass, more heat-resistant and safer in case of breakage.

Tempering is a process whereby glass is heated at high temperatures and then quickly chilled. Because of its added strength, its increased resistance to thermal shock, as well as other characteristics, tempered glass is widely used for oven/fireplace applications; doors, windows and tabletops; specialty lighting products; and instrumentation (to name a few).

Among the most valuable advantages of tempered glass are its safety characteristics. Tempered glass is safer not only because it is stronger and less likely to crack with temperature changes, but also because of how it breaks. Whereas regular glass produces sharp shards and jagged edges, tempered glass fractures into small harmless pieces.

MD Glass has been producing quality tempered glass for 40 years and has developed expertise in all kinds of tempered glass applications. To find out more about our capabilities and how we can help you, contact us today.